Sjoerd Scheffer
Discover Your Unique Visual Signature

Are you a photographer or visual creator searching for your unique visual language? Do you need tools and advice to identify what sets your work apart?

Your visual signature is shaped by elements such as form, composition, storytelling, color use, and the editing and selection process. What distinctive combination of these elements will create a recognizable style that’s personal to you? And how can you craft a visually cohesive series that communicates your story?

Having graduated from the Foto Academy in Amsterdam as a conceptual photographer, and spent years refining my signature style through trial and error, learning from experiences, receiving specialist feedback, and co-curating exhibitions, I am eager to share my knowledge with you. Let me provide you with the tools and insights that have guided me on my journey to finding my unique visual signature.

What I Offer

An Exclusive Session in my private studio in The Hague, Netherlands

What to Expect:
        •       A 4-hour session: Spend focused time with me in my studio, diving deep into your art and vision.
        •       Personal practices: Gain a better understanding of who you are as an artist and how to communicate that through your work.
        •       Unique tools: Discover what makes you unique and learn how to cultivate and harness it.
        •       My personal perspective: Receive tailored analysis and feedback on your work.

I want you to leave with new sources of inspiration, a clearer understanding of the ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how’ behind your work, and tools to further refine your signature style as a cohesive visual concept you can build upon.

Interested in a consultation with me? Contact me for more details and pricing.