Sjoerd Scheffer (The Hague, NL – 1974) is a versatile artist with a rich background in corporate graphic design. He recently graduated as a conceptual photographer from the FotoAcademie in Amsterdam in May 2024. His work spans portraits, fashion, and fine-art photography, with a distinctive focus on exploring profound themes such as freedom, nudity, female sexuality, and femininity.

With a clear and insightful perspective, Sjoerd delves into the complex emotions and narratives surrounding the female form. His photography challenges viewers to look beyond the surface and contemplate deeper questions of identity and vulnerability. Sjoerd states:

The female naked body provokes many emotions and feelings, but who is she behind it? How can I know her? Beyond eroticism, the boundary between the revealed and the hidden fades away. Vulnerability becomes safety.

Through his lens, Sjoerd Scheffer seeks to create a dialogue about the multifaceted nature of femininity, inviting his audience to see beyond the physical and connect with the essence of his subjects. His work is a testament to his dedication to capturing the true spirit and strength of the human form.


Group “Exposed ’24” at Loods 6 – Amsterdam, NL

Solo exhibition at De Wijnkooper – The Hague, NL


Nakid Magazine – US